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Enjoy these wonderful beaches during your stay at Prince Of Whales. Our outer cape accommodations make it easy to explore.

Head Of The Meadow Beach

Drive to the very end of Head of the Meadow Road, and you will arrive at one of the most beautiful ocean beaches. The sandbars at this beach change every year and always provide beach-goers with the best body surfing. If you have a boogie board, bring it along so you can ride the crests of Truro's waves.


Truro Beach Cottages Beach

Located close by at one of our sister properties, Truro Beach Cottages, is a beautiful, easy to access, sandy beach. Relax and play on the soft sands, enjoy beach grasses, dunes, and weathered fences make this beach a must-see. Sunbathe, take long walks along the beautiful dunes, and swim in the ocean.

New This YearEasy (+free) Prince of Whales parking across the street from Truro Beach Cottages (627 Shore Road). Park and walk across the street – straight to the beach! Spaces are limited. First come, first serve.

High Head Beach

If you are a hiker, head over to High Head Beach! Head south on Route 6. Just past the Outer Reach Resort (on the left), and you will see a sign marked High Head Road. Take a left onto the gravel road and stay to the left. You will see a small parking area with a portable restroom. Walk down the sandy road (closer to the parking area) for about 15 minutes.

You will soon come to a beautiful beach with breathtaking views. The only way to get to the beach is by climbing down a steep sandy dune, but it will be well worth it. During the summer months, there are hundreds of seals on the sandbars-a view you will never forget. A Truro beach sticker is required at this beach, and parking is very limited.


Longnook Beach

Head down a long winding road (Longnook Road) and arrive at one of the prettiest ocean beaches in Truro. However, the only way to access this beach is by walking up a short path and climbing down the dunes to the beach. If you are not mobile or have very young children, this may not be the beach for you. This beach requires a Truro beach sticker.

Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach is located close to town (Commercial and Ryder Streets). It is a great place if you want to walk the beach. You don’t see too many people sunbathing at this beach, but there are lots of kite flying, kayaking, and other activities going on. Many restaurants and fast-food stands are located near by. Dogs are allowed at this beach from 6 to 9 am during the summer months.

Collecting Seashells

Herring Cove Beach

This National Seashore beach is a "must-do" if you are visiting Cape Cod. Clear waters and clean shorelines abound this narrow but long beach. Herring Cove Beach is one of the most amazing places to watch the sun go down over the water! And don't leave right after the sunset; you'll miss the beautiful sky changing colors.

If you enjoy walking the beach, there are many beautiful polished treasures along the shoreline to collect. Bring a pair of water shoes since the shoreline is a bit rocky. Like to fish, bring your rod! You can actually park your car close to where you plan to sit on the beach. Pack a lunch or enjoy the great food you can order at the new snack bar, with shaded seating. A brand-new bathhouse provides clean restrooms, changing areas, indoor showers with hot water, and outdoor rinsing stations. Many bike rentals are available in Provincetown. Check with the staff at Price Of Whales or find brochures in the lobby. Shuttle buses available to Herring Cove Beach, which is open to the public.

Race Point Beach

Race Point Beach, located on Race Point Road, is one of the Cape's most beautiful National Seashore Beaches. Relax and play on the soft sands that stretch around the point. Beach grasses, dunes, and weathered fences make this unprotected beach a must-see. Catch a glimpse of a whale, dolphin, or seal passing by. Sunbathe, take long walks along the beautiful dunes, or ride along the bike trails close to the parking area.

Check out the Old Harbor Life Saving Station, built in Chatham in 1897 and moved by barge to Provincetown in 1977. During the summer months, rescue re-enactments are conducted on the grounds. The National Park Service Museum is also within walking distance.


Long Point Beach

If you want to get away from the crowds, then Long Point Beach is your best bet! Reachable only by boat, kayaks, or a 1.5-mile walk over the breakers, this beach offers spectacular views. Bring your camera since Long Point Light, an unmanned lighthouse built in 1875, will be within your view!

Harbor Beach, located close to town (Commercial and Ryder Streets), is a great place to walk on. You don't really see too many people sunbathing at this beach, but there are lots of kite flying, kayaking, and other activities going on. Along with many restaurants and fast-food stands located close by. Dogs are allowed at this beach from 6 to 9 am during summer.

Noons Landing Beach

Noons Landing Beach is located on Shore Road (Route 6A) in North Truro-where Truro meets Provincetown. This is a pretty beach located on the bay with great views of Provincetown. This small sandy beach has very limited parking and requires a Truro beach sticker.


Cold Storage Beach

Cold Storage Beach (Pond Village), located at the end of Pond Road, is known for its sandbars. If you have young children, visit the beach at low tide and take advantage of the sandbars. The calm and warm waters, along with great sandbars, make this a favorite family beach. This beach offers a great view of Cape Cod Bay. A Truro beach sticker is required.

Great Hollow Beach

Located at the end of Great Hollow Road, this beautiful bay beach is one of the best places on Cape Cod to view the sunset. Head over to Prince Of Whales' Office to get the time for sunset, grab your camera, and hit the beach about 15 minutes before.

You'll get some great photos along with a distant view of the Pilgrim Monument. You have to climb a long staircase to get to the beach, but it's worth it. This beach requires a Truro beach sticker. Head down from Prince Of Whales after 4 pm when no sticker is required ~ bring a cooler, beach blanket, and enjoy the sunset!


Corn Hill Beach

If you want to spend the day at a beautiful bay beach with distant views of Provincetown, Corn Hill Beach is the place to go. This historic location is where the Pilgrims found a stash of corn that the Wampanoag Indians buried.

This beach, located on Corn Hill Road and north of Pamet Harbor, offers warm and calm waters as well as plentiful parking. Beach wheelchairs are available for the boardwalk that takes you to the beach. This family-friendly, accessible beach with a great view of the bay and Provincetown in the distance requires a Truro beach sticker but is also a public beach. $15 Parking Fee.

Fisher Beach

Quieter than most of Truro's beaches, this beautiful bay beach is definitely a favorite of many beachgoers. If you decide to visit Fisher Beach, plan on arriving early since very limited parking is available. This beach requires a Truro beach sticker.


Ryder Beach

If you want to get away from the beach crowds, Ryder Beach is the beach for you. Located at the end of Ryder Beach Road, this quaint bay beach with low dunes offers more privacy than Truro's other beaches. Limited parking. This beach requires a Truro beach sticker.

Coast Guard Beach

Drive down So. Highland Road, pass Highland Light, and you will come to Coast Guard Beach. A great beach for boogie boarding! This beach requires a Truro beach sticker and has very limited parking.


Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach, located off Route 6 North, Marconi Beach Road, is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. A great beach for not only sunbathing but surfcasting as well. If you are lucky, you'll catch a blue or striped bass. You can access this beach by the steep and long staircase that leads down to the beach. The sunsets at Marconi Beach are stunning! Marconi Beach is a National Seashore Beach and is open to the public.

Mayo Beach

Mayo Beach is probably the most kid-friendly beach in Wellfleet. The water is warm and shallow, and the kids will enjoy collecting shells and critters along the shoreline.


Directly across the street from the beach is a super playground the kids will love. The views from the beach are beautiful ~ lots of boats coming in and out of the harbor. If you want something to eat, you are steps away from a few great restaurants and ice cream shops. No stickers required at this beach.


White Crest Beach

White Crest Beach, located on Ocean View Drive, is a favorite for many local surfers. The strong waves, along with the good wind and swell directions, attract surfers of all experience levels.

Stop by one of the local surf shops and rent a board before heading to this beach. Wellfleet has a great surf shop that offers surf lessons. To get to the beach, you will have to walk down steep dunes, but once you have made the walk, you will be at one of the nicest beaches in Wellfleet. The beach has two parking lots, but they fill up fast, so plan to arrive early to get a spot. A Wellfleet beach sticker is required.

Cahoon Hollow Beach

Enjoy beautiful views of the endless ocean from this beach. To get to this not-so-crowded beach, you have to climb down a very steep dune. Young adults frequent this beach due to the Wellfleet Beachcomber, a seaside bar and restaurant located in the beach parking lot.


The Beachcomber offers live music, great cocktails, and fantastic food. If you park behind the Beachcomber at Cahoon Hollow Beach, you can apply your parking fee towards food at the Beachcomber. Parking fee: $15/day.


Lecount Hollow Beach

Lecount Hollow Beach (Lecount Hollow Road, off of Ocean View Drive) is another Wellfleet beach that surfers frequent. It also requires you to climb down a steep path between the dunes (about 50 feet) to reach the beach. This beach is not recommended for young children ~ great waves for surfing, but not for kids. A Wellfleet beach sticker is required at this beach.

Newcomb Hollow Beach

Newcomb Hollow Beach, another Wellfleet beach located off of Ocean View Drive, offers a picturesque landscape. This beach is the closest beach to Truro. The beach is a nighttime hotspot for fishermen. Newcomb Hollow has one of the larger beach parking lots, so you can usually get a parking space. A Wellfleet beach sticker is required.


Ballston Beach

Ballston Beach is located at the end of South Pamet Road. The waves and sandbars at this ocean beach make it a great place for surfing. If you don't have a surfboard, pick up a boogie board. You can boogie board just about any time of the day, but the best time is about an hour before low tide. Check out the tide chart at Prince Of Whales Office, grab your board, and head over to catch some of Truro's great waves. If you are an early riser, Ballston Beach is one of the best places to see the sunrise! This beach requires a Truro beach sticker.

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